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Daylight Glazing offers a diverse range of double glazing services to meet your needs. Explore the numerous benefits of incorporating aluminum doors and windows glazing, find a patio door near you, enhance your living space with an aluminum conservatory, and discover the charm of bay UPVC windows, French doors with side windows, double UPVC doors and more from our glass and glazing company.

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Manufacturer and supplier of all type of Aluminium Windows & Doors In London

Looking for top-notch double glazier solutions in London, UK? Look no further! We take pride in being the premier aluminium , UPVC windows and Doors installers in the area. Explore our diverse range of products, including patio doors, bay UPVC windows, glass doors, French windows and doors, double UPVC doors, sliding windows with competitive prices, Ideas for aluminium conservatories, sliding double-glazed doors, and secure shopfront doors. Also, transform your home with our bespoke Shape Designs as we our the best UPVC window supplier who brings you the perfect blend of timeless elegance and modern functionality.

Discover the unparalleled benefits of modern aluminium windows! Our slimline aluminium window frames offer a sleek and contemporary aesthetic while providing durability and strength. With their slim profiles, these windows allow for maximum natural light to flood your space, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. When you order aluminium windows from us, you can expect top-quality craftsmanship and exceptional durability. Our slim aluminium casement windows are designed to withstand the test of time, providing long-lasting performance and reliability. Also, experience the elegance and efficiency of our aluminium windows as we are the best local window companies in UK.

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Home | Daylight Glazing
Home | Daylight Glazing

Daylight Glazing Ltd

Welcome to the Daylight Glazing Ltd group. As an aluminium window and door specialist, we are a long-established aluminium & upvc doors manufacturer with collective over 15 years of experience in all aluminium glass, aluminium doors and aluminium windows in the UK. Here at Daylight Glazing in London, we put our customers first and always meet stringent requirements at the highest quality window material with good prices. We provide industry-leading brands of exterior windows and doors, and provide prompt service for upvc casement windows and folding doors. Aluminium trading is our passion and responds to both commercial projects and homeowner inquiries. Daylight Glazing covers a large area of Greater London, from northern London to southern London and 70+ Locations.

Residents are invited to peruse our selection of folding doors, bifold or sliding window openings, bay windows, sliding patio doors, lanterns, external aluminium doors, bespoke upvc window designs, and more. Bifold and slider doors are available throughout Greater London, from West to East London.

Casement, panoramic, curtain walling, triple glazing units, bifold and slide systems on doors, and many other designs made to fit in a Made to Measure manner are examples of commercial products. Our replacement doors and windows are also popular, and we stock the most recent door and upvc window styles. Upgrade your home with our exquisite timber and aluminium windows and UPVC Georgian windows as we are the Recommended windows company today!

We Provide Best Products

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Here at Daylight our goal is to make sure that we are able to provide our customers with the best service. Helping them every step of the way, allowing them to feel more comfortable and confident. We are one of the biggest double glazing installer that supply and install aluminium windows and doors in UK.

For commercial spaces, Daylight Glazing offers stylish and secure shopfront doors. Enhance the curb appeal of your business while ensuring safety and durability.
Contact Daylight Glazing today to explore our comprehensive commercial glazing services and find the perfect solutions for your door and window needs.

What we Offer

aluminium upvc windows and doors supplier in acton

Our aluminium doors are crafted with precision and durability in mind. Choose from various styles, including bifold doors, sliding doors, heritage  patio doors, front and commercial doors


When it comes to Aluminium vs. UPVC windows, both materials have their own set of advantages. Both UPVC and aluminium provide great insulation.

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Have a newer-style home? We can build a contemporary conservatory, or if you have an older period home, we can build a more traditional conservatory.
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We provide the entire package for all of your different types of glass needs collaborating with you from the first design stage through manufacturing and installation

Why Choose Us?

Firstly, by selecting us, you select high-quality, custom-made windows & Doors from a brand that you can trust. Furthermore, we have been selling for more than collective 15 years and are going out of our way to make repairing your windows a simple process. Secondly, from preparation to payment. We still deliver good quality goods backed by firm assurances. Not only do we thrive for excellence, we help our customers find the right doors and windows for their house making sure they are able to make the right decision. We make sure that the collection that we have of aluminium doors and windows suits your style. 

After Sale Services

Never the less, we pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding after-sales service in the tragic and unusual occurrence of something going wrong with your doors and windows. Furthermore, conservatories are something that we excel in, too. Aluminium & UPVC Doors are something that is emerging due to its appealing look, we make sure we can provide this for you and your home.

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Elevate Your Space with Premier Double Glazing Solutions from a Trusted Secondary Glazing Company

Discover premium aluminium windows and doors in London and nearby areas with Daylight Glazing. As a top-tier bespoke manufacturer and supplier, we take pride in offering first-rate products tailored to elevate your living or commercial space. Whether you’re in Hertfordshire, Barnet, Watford, St. Albans, or the county of Middlesex, Daylight Glazing is your trusted source for high-quality Aluminium and UPVC doors and windows.

Have a newer-style home? We can build a contemporary conservatory, or if you have an older period home, we can build a more traditional conservatory.

Daylight Glazing

We provide the entire package for all of your glass needs collaborating with you from the first design stage through manufacturing and installation

Daylight Glazing

We are the Bespoke Supplier of Bi-Fold Doors in UK.

Feel free to contact us anytime!! We are here to help you.

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Need Help?


You can call us on  080 0689 1261 or 020 8386 1545 to arrange a visit by one of our fully trained design team. We have appointments available Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm, on weekends and bank holidays from 9.00am to 4.00pm. Before booking designs For more design options, please visit our website

Daylight Glazing products are made to measure; it does depend on what you have ordered.  The estimated lead time given is only based on the best information available at the time; we will not be liable for any delays, due to arise of any circumstances which is outside our control.

Call us on 020 8386 1545  and book for appointment.

You can add to an order by contacting your designer before the surveyor arrives, or at the point of survey we will ask you to complete a variation of contract form to confirm the changes to your contract.

Once your window is ready, we will give notification with one week notice; Also you can use our WhatsApp service, which is  available 24×7.

First installment 50% as Deposit, please note that no orders will be processed until a deposit has been received. Second installment of 40% must be paid by cleared funds and before the planned fitting date. The remaining or balance 10% must be paid on the day of completion of installation.

You can recommend through our website or call us on 080 0689 1261 or 020 8386 1545.

Daylight Glazing will send you a transferable 10 year guarantee, if during this time you have any problems you can call our service team on 020 8386 1545   or  Email Us on

Glazing work refers to the installation, repair, or maintenance of glass or glazing systems in buildings. This can include a wide range of tasks related to glass, such as installing windows, doors, skylights, curtain walls, or glass partitions.

The benefits of glazing windows include improved energy efficiency, noise reduction, enhanced security, UV protection, reduced condensation, and improved aesthetics.

Yes, window replacement is often worth the cost due to increased energy efficiency, improved aesthetics, enhanced comfort, and potential long-term savings on energy bills.

The cost of new windows can vary widely depending on factors such as size, material, style, and installation requirements, but generally, prices can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per window.

Double glazing reduces noise by creating a barrier between the interior and exterior environments, with two panes of glass and an insulating layer of air or gas between them, which helps to absorb and dampen sound vibrations.

Our Wide Range of window and door Colours are white, black, anthracite grey and RAL Colors.

To repair a double glazed window, identify and replace damaged seals, fix any hardware issues such as hinges or locks, and address condensation by sealing any gaps or leaks in the window frame.

Yes, secondary glazing can work on larger windows, but it may require additional support and customization to ensure proper installation and effectiveness.

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