Built In Blinds

What are integral blinds?

Integral blinds are shades that are ‘sandwiched’ in-between double glazed panes of glass,  found inside glazed windows, bifold doors and conservatories.

Allow you to stylishly shut the world out and enjoy your home without the added hassle of regular maintenance.
They typically use a slide feature that raises and lowers the blinds.


They are suitable for all types of frames – aluminium, timber and uPVC


Types of Integral Blinds



cordless slider

slider Integral blinds

Solar control

solar power integral blinds

Advantages / Benefit


It’s challenging to operate blinds. However, the magnetized slider makes the whole process simple. Built-in blinds are an excellent choice for large glass doors because they won’t swing and obstruct the door’s movement.

Reduced Maintenance

The blinds don’t collect dirt, grease and grime like normal blinds.
Because the dust and other allergens don’t collect on the blinds, this option is better for people with allergies. This makes them a better choice for many homeowners because cleaning blinds can be a hectic job.

Safety for childer and pets

The slats of the blinds won’t get bent or damaged. This is another big draw for parents of young children and pets. Traditional shades hae cords that pose a risk of strangulation to children and pets

Reduce Risk of Breakage

Integral blinds means the blinds are located behind the glass, they are safe from regular wear and tear.
Traditional external blinds often become brittle and endup breaking over time.


The blinds stay looking like new because outside factors are eliminated.

Helps Regulate energy

Integral blinds give you better control of the temperature of your home, helping you stay cooler in summer and warmer through the winter.

Depending on the colour of your blinds integral blinds can keep out up to 70% of heat in the summer (solar reflection), keep out up to 78% of sunlight (light reflection) and absorb up to 88% of the sun’s heat (solar absorption)

Totally Hygienic

In the majority of cases, cleaning the frames of your bi-fold doors will not require more than a quick wipe with a non-abrasive cloth or sponge soaked in warm water and a mild detergent.

Resist the temptation to use any type of heavy-duty household cleaner as you could cause damage to the frames or powder coat finish. Paraffin-based cleaning solutions and non-abrasive liquid cream cleaners are generally fine for shifting more stubborn stains but seek advice from your supplier first.

If there are any stubborn stains that won’t shift with washing, try using an ink rubber to lift the mark. You will know immediately if it is going to work, so don’t keep scrubbing away if you can’t see an initial change.



Cost: Buying a new window with integral blinds is more costly than buying a set of blinds.
Windows with built-in blinds as specialty products. This means that you will need to spend more than traditional window models.

Limited Design options
choosing integral blinds may limit your options, glass size and window design need to suit budget and techniqual restriction

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The pros of windows with blinds built inside the glass are usually cleaner, safer for your home, and less frustrating than regular blinds. Here are some of the top reasons people have integral blind windows installed in their home.

Integral blinds are blinds that are fitted between the panes of glass that make up a double or triple glazed unit. Despite being in between the panes of glass, the blinds can be opened and closed manually or by an electronic operation.

One of the most common questions asked is how much integral blinds cost. There are several ways to get an approximate price for windows, doors or bi-folding doors, but when it comes to finding out prices for integral blinds, it is a little more difficult.

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