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Double glazing is the standard in most homes, but with a higher demand for double glazing, does it actually add value to your home and, if so, how much? 

The best answer to this question is benefits of double glazing and installation of double glazing.

There are many performance and financial benefits that come with opting for double glazing windows.


When it comes to your home’s glazing, double definitely means better. Upgrading to double glazing will undoubtedly increase the energy efficiency of your home. This means that you will save money on your energy bills and also, your home will be a warmer place to live. 


With the added protection of two panes of glass and the inert gas, double glazing makes it harder for heat to escape from your home. It will also go a long way in preventing cold outside air from entering through your windows and doors – helping to ensure your home is draught-free all year round. 


Thermal Performance

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The most appealing characteristic of a property to any current or prospective homeowners is its thermal performance.


With the help of double glazing, this is greatly enhanced as the insulation layer between the two glass panes limits the energy transfer through convection.


This will boost energy efficiency, which in turn reduces the cost incurred by using heating during winter and cooling during hot summers.

Enhanced Aesthetics

If you like a more modern look then this is the perfect choice. The overall appeal of your house will see a drastic, but positive change after the installation of double glazing windows.


There are many ways to even customize the final product that will fit nicely into your property. The shiny glass and stylish window frames definitely are a massive upgrade over single pane windows.

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Safety is an important aspect for new homeowners, especially if they have children.


Double glazing offers peace of mind as there is a better sense of security when you’re inside the house. Due to extra pane of the glass.


If you have single pane windows that have been fitted years ago, it is very likely that they have weakened meaning it will be easy for anyone to break through them.

Reduced Condensation:

Condensation causes the appearance of moisture on the inside of your windows. While it may make the interior smell and cause mould to grow, fixing a damp issue can be very costly.


Double glazing helps minimize this from occurring by maintaining your home at an ideal temperature by not letting hot and cold air get in contact, causing less condensation.

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If we considered all this, double glazing is a great addition to any property. Over the long term, the performance and financial benefits of double glazing will cover the cost involved to install them.

Modern families will most likely find double glazing more appealing. In addition, research has revealed that double glazing can increase your property value by 10%. 

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