Skylight Windows vs. Roof Windows:
Choosing the Right Option for Your Home

When it comes to the installation of  skylight windows vs. roof windows we always wonder which one should we go for both windows are excellent options, and soon it becomes a competition between windows and skylights because they have many similarities, Both roof windows and skylights serve the purpose of bringing natural light into interiors, brightening up spaces effectively. They are commonly used in areas where traditional windows are not feasible, such as corridors, attics, and storerooms. In this guide, we will help you navigate the various options, skylight window sizes, Velux skylight sizes, Rooflight window sizes, their cost and installation processes available in the UK.

What are Skylight Windows?

A skylight, often referred to as a rooflight, are windows installed in the roof, but they are fixed and cannot be opened or called a fixed pane of glass. It serves as a light-transmitting feature, providing daylight and ventilation in roof spaces. They are available in various shapes and sizes, like Velux skylight windows, Flat Roof Windows and skylights are also commonly used in rooms with flat ceilings or in situations where roof windows may not be suitable.

This term is broadly used by manufacturers to describe various structures, ranging from small-scale domestic units installed on traditional pitched roofs to larger, custom glazed units designed for flat roofs and terraces.

skylight windows vs. roof windows


How Big and How Long Are Skylight Windows?

It’s important for your home that you pick the right size skylight window. You can choose from the following basic skylight window sizes in the UK:

Sizes of Velux Skylights

Velux windows come in different sizes to fit different roof areas. Sizes like 55x78cm, 66x118cm, and 78x140cm are very popular.

Common Skylight Sizes in the UK

600x600mm, 900x900mm, and 1200x1200mm are all common sizes. You can also get sizes that are made just for you.

Large Skylight Windows

For large rooms, large skylight windows can be any size from 1200x1800mm to special sizes that are even bigger.

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What are windows in the roof?

Roof windows, which are also called roof lanterns or roof lights, are flush with the roof and have hinges at the top that let them open and close. Some of these are level or slightly angled, and they may be easier to put in than skylights. They come in a number of different styles, such as fixed models that are handled by hand and ones that are controlled by electricity. If you have a room with a sloped ceiling, roof windows are perfect for it.

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The Pros

A lot of natural light comes in through the roof windows because of how big and where they are placed. They work especially well in places that don’t get much sunlight, which makes them great for dark or dimly lit rooms.

Air flow

One great thing about roof windows is that they let in controlled air flow. They can be opened to different levels to let fresh air flow through your rooms and make the whole place healthy.


Roof lights are easy to set up or use because they don't usually need any changes to the roof structure and are easier to protect.

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Which one you choose between a skylight windows vs. roof windows and a skylight relies on your needs and the size of the room you want to make better. Both of these architectural features are meant to let natural light into buildings, but they work in different ways and have different features. Let’s look at what makes each choice different so you can better understand how it can improve your home:


Skylights work best on roofs that slope, while rooflights are made for roofs that are flat or almost flat.


Roof lights are usually easier to install than skylights, which usually need more complicated steps.

Design Aesthetic

skylights tend to have a wider range of designs that work well in homes, while rooflights are usually bigger and used in more modern, simple settings.


Both can provide ventilation and extras like remote control and built-in shading, but their forms are different so they can be installed on different types of roofs and meet different installation needs.


Because they can be opened and closed, roof windows usually cost more than skylights. Skylights, on the other hand, are less expensive because they are set in place and easier to build.

In conclusion, Skylights and roof windows are both great ways to improve the lighting, airflow, and look of your home. You can find the right solution for your needs in the UK, where you can choose from Velux skylights, flat roof windows, and electric roof windows. Always consider hiring professionals to install your roof windows to get the best results and ensure they last a long time.