Hinged Patio Doors

Hinged patio doorways are typically referred to as French doorways, and are available as in-swing or out-swing models with elective sidelights and transom home windows.

Hinged Patio Doors

Welcome to Daylight Glazing, your premier destination for top-quality patio doors in the UK! Elevate your living spaces with our extensive range of patio sliding doors, including sleek and space-saving sliding patio doors and elegant sliding glass doors. Our patio doors for sale are crafted with precision and durability, ensuring seamless functionality and a touch of contemporary style.

A swinging patio door mostly referred to as a hinged patio door or a garden door–brings ample appeal for your space. Swinging patio doors are to be had two styles: the French hinged door and the centered patio door. As it allows plenty natural light and clean get entry to the outdoor, swinging patio doorways are an fashionable addition to your home.

A hinged patio doors make a dramatic statement and add great ventilation. Their French door styling goes well with any home style. Made of aluminium protected by fiberglass, it’s our best-performing hinged patio door.

For those who prefer a traditional touch, our hinged patio doors and UPVC French patio doors are perfect choices, adding charm to any setting. Discover the beauty of our French doors, available as external French doors to seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor spaces. At Daylight Glazing, we bring you the finest in patio door solutions, combining style, functionality, and energy efficiency. Transform your home with our diverse range of patio doors, providing a perfect blend of natural light and architectural elegance. 

It will maximizes space with the ability to open into a room or outward to best fit your home’s layout. It can be designed for architectural authenticity. It is Available in standard sizes as single panel, 2-panel and 3-panel configurations. Custom sizes also available.

Explore our collection, featuring premium materials such as aluminium for modern aesthetics and UPVC sliding doors for a classic appeal.

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Welcome to our aluminium patio door selection, where style meets functionality for your outdoor space. Our range includes a variety of options such as hinged patio doors, French doors, and bifold doors, all designed to enhance your home’s aesthetics and energy efficiency. With materials ranging from durable aluminium to versatile UPVC, you can find the perfect match for your needs.

Choose from a selection of colors and glass options to complement your home’s style and maximize natural light. Our doors are not only stylish but also prioritize safety with features like safety glass and secure locking mechanisms. Experience the convenience of seamless indoor-outdoor living with our patio door range, designed to elevate your home while providing thermal efficiency and energy savings. Explore our collection today to find the perfect patio door solution for your home.

Key Features of Hinged Patio Doors

  • Provide easy access as you can open our patio doors wide open
  • Excellent protection as they provide exceptional protection against the elements and make maintenance easier
  • Energy-efficient as it allows plenty natural light
  • Provide improved lighting and ventilation if your living space is limited
  • Perfect for homes with a classic style as they are availble in traditional or classic styles


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Widely used all across the globe, Highly energy efficient and Low Maintenance


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Patio doors can be very energy efficient – when designed correctly. Double glazed and internal glass has to be heat reflective.

The overall security of a patio door relies on the overall build quality of the door itself. Doors containing aluminium or steel reinforcements will improve the security. They are not nearly as precise and secure as locks. Additionally, patio doors operate on tracks instead of hinges. If you open and close your patio door enough you have probably noticed that it’s easy to have the door slide off its tracks.

Glass or metal – sliding, folding or swinging Daylight Glazing can install all types of patio doors. Whether your new door is pre-hung our trained experts can handle it. For a weather tight fit, we will install weather stripping and insulation for efficiency. We’ll also take care of any necessary trim work and caulking for a professional-looking fit and finish.

At Daylight Glazing every single product that we manufacture is bespoke and made to order giving you freedom of choice over your order. We have a range of glass options to choose from, including obscure and frosted designs as well as a range of decorative options. You can also choose from a range of frame colour options so that your new patio door is perfectly suited for your home.

A hinged patio door operates like a traditional door, swinging open on hinges attached to the frame. It consists of two panels, one fixed and one hinged, offering easy access to your outdoor space. Just turn the handle, release the latch, and push or pull to open. They come in various styles and configurations to match your home’s design.

A sliding door is a type of patio door that moves horizontally on a track, while a patio door is a broader term encompassing various door types that provide access to a patio or outdoor area, including sliding doors, hinged doors, and French doors.

In terms of upfront costs, sliding doors tend to be cheaper than French doors. This price difference is often due to the simpler construction and materials used in sliding door designs. However, it’s essential to consider long-term factors such as energy efficiency, maintenance, and aesthetics when comparing the overall value of each door type for your specific needs and preferences.

Patio doors is a broader term encompassing various door styles for accessing outdoor areas. French doors are a specific type of patio door with a traditional design, featuring multiple glass panels that swing open from the center, unlike sliding doors, which move horizontally.

The standard size for French doors typically ranges from 60 inches to 72 inches in width per door panel, with a standard height of 80 inches. However, custom sizes are also available to fit specific architectural needs or preferences.

The cost of French doors can vary widely depending on factors such as material, size, design, and additional features. However, It’s best to consult with a supplier or contractor to get an accurate estimate based on your specific needs and preferences.

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