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Good windows installed badly won’t work or look as good as they should. Our installers will tell you about how long the job will take. We make sure that new window is put in right after the old one is removed. We make sure that all the replacement windows are in correct measurement before ripping out the old. You don’t want a boarded-up hole while you’re waiting for the right window to arrive. Think twice about using a workers who removes all the old windows first and then installs the new windows. If any problems occurs, you will need to adjust with the holes in your walls for days or weeks. We take care of every aspects.


There are many other elements that affect the price inclusive of making plans permission, which we completely manage for your behalf, or erecting scaffolding if wanted. Then there are all the little info that make the home windows ideal for you. As an example, moving handles to make them less difficult to reach or creating home windows suitable for conservation regions. Additionally the fee for one window includes installation and shipping. If you order a couple of, the cost of creating, turning in and installing receives cheaper, so we pass these financial savings onto you.

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Security is a major issue in both villas and low rise buildings in virtually every city in the world and an open window or a door is an easy entry point for any burglar. To keep the windows and doors open for fresh air but at the same time be assured of the security of our homes is a desire deeply nourished by many customers. We offer flexibility to fix in any design of Grill. The grill can be fitted/removed as per need of the your request. Burglar resistance is also possible with the option of double or triple glazed glass – which is why we don’t use grills.


Energy efficient windows are an important thing need to be considered for both new and existing homes. Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use. Benefits of energy efficient windows include a more comfortable home with peace and quiet atmosphere. Most people have double glazing fitted by a professional but secondary glazing can be fitted by DIYers, but removing old windows and installing new ones should be carried out by a professional. We provide windows with high energy ratings.

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Every window company will tell you they have a great warranty but you cannot take their word for it. We provide you with warranty information in the first phase of discussion. In most cases, the warranty on your products should still apply as long as you install them according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions. However, there is no installation warranty if you install yourself. Keep in mind that warranties are limited and most won’t cover issues relating to normal wear and tear, misuse or improper handling, or installation, repair or modification performed by anyone other than the window replacement company.


Fed up with the outside noise from construction , neigbours or traffic? We get it. For folks who stay in busy towns, close to railway lines or air traffic, noise pollution is now not truly an infection; it may have a extensive effect to your quality of life. No residential window blocks all sound, all the time. “Soundproof” is shorthand for noise reduction windows that block up to 90% to 95% of noise coming through windows. Our windows, primarily use thicker and laminated glass, and large air gaps between panes to deaden sound.

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