SASH Windows

Sash windows, known for their timeless design, are commonly seen in historical residences and occasionally in modern houses. Combining classic aesthetics with contemporary technology, wooden sash windows offer an excellent solution for properties in conservation areas. Daylight uPVC sash windows replicate the authentic look of timber while requiring minimal maintenance, featuring woodgrain finishes that closely resemble real wood. 

Double Glazed Sash Windows From Daylight

Explore the classic charm of sash windows, blending tradition with modern efficiency. Our UPVC sash windows provide an elegant touch and enhance energy efficiency. For repairs or replacements, our expert services ensure the preservation of timeless beauty. In London, where architectural heritage meets contemporary living, our sash windows stand out.

Discover the cost-effective elegance of UPVC sash windows, combining sophistication with functionality. Elevate your space with our commitment to quality and competitive pricing. Double-hung home windows are the usual kind of window inside the London. They’ve a traditional look and function by using sliding up and down. Dividers, called muntins, both divide character panes of glass or they snap on for decorative functions. Spring-installed running mechanisms are the most recent fashion of double-hung windows. Smooth operation and a conventional style are just of the blessings of double-hung home windows.

Pair its timeless, traditional appearance with our huge variety of color and design options, and decorate maximum any style home, from contemporary to historic. Two check-rail alternatives provide you with additional flexibility. Each lower and upper sash may be opened, bringing clean air into your home and increasing ventilation, Plus, they tilt in to make cleansing clean.

Our double-hung home windows are an good choice for home restoration and renovation projects where historic accuracy is vital. They may be additionally nicely-acceptable for rooms dealing with walkways, porches, or patios, as they do not protrude into the gap.

Key Features

  • Superior Ventilation as it has great ventilation capabilities and the ability to control airflow
  • Aesthetically Adaptable due to their classic appeal, which makes them suitable for any home or room
  • Easy to Maintain as you can clean both the interior and exterior from inside your home
  • Addition-Friendly because most units are designed to slide up and down instead of cranking out or sliding to the side, they can safely hold AC units and can be easily removed.
  • Safe Operation Design as it eliminates the risk of accidents in high-traffic areas such as walkways, decks, and patios and they are also fully lockable
  • Energy-Efficient as it aside from the superior ventilation, this type of window brings in a generous amount of natural light

Materials and Styles of Sash Windows


Opting for a timber sash window provides the utmost authenticity when replacing wooden windows. Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, our wood undergoes a lamination and engineering process, bonding multiple layers together to enhance strength and rigidity. To ensure superior durability, our softwood undergoes finger jointing, effectively eliminating knots and minimizing the risk of twisting.

uPVC sash windows seamlessly blend contemporary technology with classic design elements. Unlike timber, uPVC demands minimal upkeep and eliminates the need for painting. Everest uPVC sash windows feature a practical tilt function, enabling both sashes to tilt inward for effortless cleaning. Thus, uPVC presents an appealing alternative, especially for the rear of a property, while timber remains essential for maintaining the authentic facade of the front.

Customize Your Home with Stylish Sash Windows

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Exploring a Palette of Sash Window Colors

Choosing the right color for your Sash windows can have a big effect on how your home looks and feels as a whole. Let’s talk about the different colors of wood windows and uPVC Windows and how they can make your living area better.


Windows - Sash Windows | Daylight Glazing
White Paint
Windows - Sash Windows | Daylight Glazing
White Woodgrain
Windows - Sash Windows | Daylight Glazing
Cream Woodgrain
Windows - Sash Windows | Daylight Glazing
Anthracite Grey & White Woodgrain


Windows - Sash Windows | Daylight Glazing
White Paint
Windows - Sash Windows | Daylight Glazing
Cream Paint
Windows - Sash Windows | Daylight Glazing
Agate Grey Paint
Windows - Sash Windows | Daylight Glazing
Beige Grey Paint
Windows - Sash Windows | Daylight Glazing
Chartwell Green Paint
Windows - Sash Windows | Daylight Glazing
Light Oak
Windows - Sash Windows | Daylight Glazing
Mellow Teak
Windows - Sash Windows | Daylight Glazing
Windows - Sash Windows | Daylight Glazing
Dark Walnut
Windows - Sash Windows | Daylight Glazing

*Colors are available according to the stock. More Available on Request

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When it comes to Aluminium vs. UPVC windows, both materials have their own set of advantages. Both UPVC and aluminium provide great insulation.

Windows - Sash Windows | Daylight Glazing
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The sashes will slide up or down with weights and cords, or more recently, spiral balances, allowing you to open the window. When closed, the top and bottom sash will be locked together at the midrail to prevent them sliding.

Yes, it can be double glazed, please check our design tool for virtual look “Design your Door and Window” where you have multiple options for double glazing.

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