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Replacement of Glass Designs for Double Glazed Windows & Doors

What is Replacement Double Glazed Units?

A replacement unit is much better than a simple repair. When a double-glazing glass design unit is unrepairable then its time for a new unit which replaces the old one. Whether it’s a uPVC door or aluminium door, double glazed window or alu window its known as a unit. The benefit of replacement glazing is, you as a home or office owner will gain a brand new warranty which lasts a minimum of 10 years with upvc and 15 years for Aluminium and means total ‘’peace of mind’’ for you (the buyer). Another replacement type is from pvcu to aluminium which could be down to security reasons or even insurance requirements but at the end of the day, you have total peace of mind with Daylight Glazing.

Whats the difference between residential & Commercial Glazing for Hertfordshire?

The big difference is mainly the brand that is used for office blocks, making the frames and unit types sturdier and more durable than home units. Residential home double glazing has a wider range of brands and products to choose from within the market than a commercial residence would typically have. The most types of doors used in homes are, bifold doors, composite doors, sliding doors, hung windows, sliding windows and bay windows and the most types used in commercial are sliding, panoramic and hung due to security tight and durability.

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Float Glass Design

Regular float glass design, typically called annealed glass, is usually used for smaller windows in residential and commercial construction applications. Larger windows should be made using tempered or toughened float glass to enhance durability.

Since float glass is the most commonly used type of glass in the world, its applications are virtually endless. It’s important to note that our Q1 float glass can be used for medium and large windows because it’s thoroughly tempered after the initial annealing process.

Main Features of Float Glass

Transparent and hard – ​capable of supporting pressures ranging from 5.8 to 10.8 kilograms/cm2.

Available in bulk quantities – made using the most efficient glass manufacturing process.

Easy to work with – ​comes in flat, uniform sheets that can be easily cut, edged, drilled, polished, and machined.

Smooth and distortion-free – completely flat surfaces. In addition to these core properties, float glass can be toughened and tempered to provide optimal heat and damage resistance.

Energy Efficient Glass Design

Whether you need double or triple glazed units, our energy saving glass products represent the highest performing solution to achieve A and A+ Window Energy Ratings (WERs) for your windows, or ultra-low U-values required for Passivhaus and super-insulated building envelopes. All this without compromising light transmittance, the clarity of the glass or affecting the glass colour.

Main Features of Energy Efficient Glass

ENHANCED SECURITY – Help protect your family from break-ins and vandalism.

FURNITURE FADE PROTECTION – Keep your furniture looking newer for longer.

NOISE REDUCTION – Make your home a peaceful respite from the world outside.

REDUCE OVERHEATING – Perfect balance of light and warmth.

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Solar Control Glass Design

Maximising natural daylight makes for a healthy home and productive working environment, but too much of a good thing and suddenly we’re faced with overheating, excessive glare and UV fading of our interiors.

Today’s technically advanced solar control glass design products are here to help. We provide a range of glass options specifically designed to control the amount of heat and light that passes through the window. These solar control glass options are perfect for sealed units in windows on south and south west facing elevations.

Main Features of Solar Control Glass

The product range is designed to be used in both residential and commercial.

The glazing performance of a building can have a significant impact on its aesthetics and energy consumption.

    • Light transmittance values of up to 70%
    • Solar heat gains as low as 0.21
    • Centre-pane U-values as low as 1.0
    • W/m2K (with a 16mm, 90% Argon Cavity)

*Available with acoustic laminated glass types or superior acoustic performance

Self Cleaning Glass Design

Enjoy the view without the hassle of cleaning windows by choosing an advanced self cleaning glass low maintenance glass design solutions from Morley Glass.

With these options, you can make use of the latest glass technology to cut down on maintenance and cleaning hassles. These products have a treatment or coating applied during the manufacturing process to build the self-cleaning function into the glass – this ensures windows, doors and conservatories stay cleaner for much longer than standard glazing.

Self Clean Glass Benefits

• The permanent self-cleaning coating lasts the lifetime of the window
• Perfect for conservatory roofs and other hard to reach areas
• Glass stays cleaner for longer
• Less dirt and grime adheres to the glass so any cleaning is quick and easy
• Ongoing cost savings with reduced window cleaning bills
• Kinder to the environment with a less frequent use of water and detergents
• Clear view outside even when it’s raining thanks to the sheeting effect

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Conservatory Glass Design

Purchasing a conservatory is a major decision, which depending upon the size, quality and design can be a significant investment. Other key considerations are, of course, style, appearance and comfort though it’s here where the glass you choose makes all the difference. You want your conservatory to look good and to suit your needs.

Our conservatory glass range includes both roof glazing options and side-wall glass, each of which can be configured to suit your specific requirements.

Self Cleaning Conservatory Roof Glass

With low maintenance and the benefits of solar control, this technologically advanced conservatory glass will enable you to enjoy your conservatory throughout the year, helping to reduce heat loss in winter and heat penetration in the summer. 

Textured Glass Design

Textured glass provides privacy in windows and doors throughout the home without losing the benefits of natural daylight. People and objects behind the glass are obscured making it a versatile building material for open plan living and working environments.

Textured glass also offers exciting possibilities as a design element in a wide range of applications. It has the unique ability to perform as a decorative interior design feature as well as a functional and structural building material.

Patterned and Textured Glass Advantages

    • Privacy and style throughout the home
    • Five levels of privacy are available, graded from 1 (least obscuration) to 5 (greatest obscuration)
    • There are 12 original patterns in the main Pilkington Texture Glass range
    • All are available toughened for safety and security
    • Suitable for double and triple glazed units
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Leaded Glass Design

We provide superb quality leaded sealed units which combine all the thermal, solar control and acoustic benefits of our standard sealed units with classical British styling.

Our glass craftsmen use only the finest quality lead strips to deliver lasting visual appeal. That’s why our leaded glass units feature Rega Lead’s advanced Antique and Platinum coated lead strips which are proven to stand test of time with ease. They will not age or weather, nor will they be subject to the discolouring effects of oxidation. This ensures they will keep the rich, attractive Antique black and Platinum silver appearance in the great tradition of classic window design.

Stained Glass Design

A beautiful addition for entrance doors, conservatory and window top lights, bay windows and fanlights. Stained glass design has been a feature of some of the world’s most stunning buildings for centuries, and today’s energy efficient homes can continue that fine tradition with our wide choice of resin-based stained double glazed and triple glazed units.

From the white rose of Yorkshire or a Scottish thistle, to a Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired coloured glass feature or a more creative way to present your house number, our resin design capabilities are virtually endless.

Technical Information

Coloured resins are skilfully applied in one of several ways: by hand, by a pump or using computer controlled machinery (Servo-Cad).

With the aid of the Servo-Cad, we can adjust the line thickness from 2mm to 15mm to allow all kinds of glass designs for windows and doors to be created. Working with our Creative Studio software this has the ability to recreate any design drawn by a felt tip pen onto glass, plastic, wood, aluminium and ceramic whether it be with resin, routed or engraved.

The Servo-Cad can also outline any colour you require ranging from black, gold, silver, copper, white, grey and antique. We also have a clear outline which is known as “glassline” which simulates brilliant cut glass.

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Bevelled Glass Design

Let the light flood into your home as it reflects and refracts off the multifaceted surfaces of each and every bevelled glass design within our stylish range.

Make a great first impression with a beautifully crafted entrance door featuring our bevelled glass. There is no better way to elevate a humble door into a distinctive architectural feature that may include attractive sidelights or an eye catching, stylishly glazed top light.

Whether you live in a traditional or contemporary home, you’ll discover an extensive range of breath-taking designs created to mirror your personal taste and the unique character of your home.

Back Painted Glass Design

High quality glass design splashbacks and back painted glass design add that special appeal to any contemporary kitchen or bathroom, making an impression that other materials simply can’t match.

We supply back painted glass and glass splashbacks in virtually any colour with superb glass clarity thanks to our base material being a low iron float glass. We’ll match any RAL, Syntha Pulvin or Dulux colour code as closely as we possibly can for perfect coordination in any room.

Glass Splashbacks

With the colour coating on the reverse, the glass splashback is easily cleaned, very durable and when painted on toughened glass is heat resistant to approximately 200 degrees Celsius – that’s ideal for use behind an oven or wood burner.

Back painted glass can be easily fixed to the wall with mirror adhesive (although products like Gripfill, No Nails etc, must NOT be used under any circumstances). Alternatively, as long as it has been specified at the time of order, the glass can be drilled and screwed to the wall with dome top mirror screws.

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Integral blinds for bi folding doors, windows and conservatories
stylish, modern & maintenance-free

Integral blinds in glass are a neat and stylish alternative to curtains, external blinds and other window dressings for your home or business. Choose from Venetian or pleated blinds which fit perfectly inside the double-glazed unit, and means they won’t get damaged and will never need cleaning.

Day Light Glazing is a specialist of sealed units with integral blinds inside, supplying other sealed unit manufacturers, fabricators and installers with our high-quality Uni-Blinds®️ in an industry-leading 10 days from any Friday, backed by a 5-year guarantee.

      • Benefits of integral blinds
      • Maintenance free
      • Totally hygienic
      • Child friendly
      • Italian styling
      • Ideal for homes
      • Ideal for businesses
      • Help regulate energy
      • Solar control


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