Terms & Conditions

 Company No:11797924

  1. Our representative is authorised to accept cheque or cash with this order. Our installer is similarly. Authorized to accept payment when order is complete. All cheque is to be made payable to the company. It is understood that there is no agreement between the company representatives and the customer other than those embodied in this contract.

  2. It is the owner’s responsibility to be present or have an appointed representative on site to sign the job completion certificate and clear all outstanding balance. We require the final payment to be on satisfactory completion. Any reverted payments due to bounced cheque or other reasons shall be subject to an administration charge of £200 payable by the customer.

  3. Only cash payments are acceptable on supply only orders. If the client wishes to pay by cheque, then the final balance needs to be paid a week prior to the supply of goods.

  4. All goods remain the property of the company until paid in full by customer.

  5. The Guarantee certificate, invoices, certification is provided to the customer 3 to 6 weeks after final balance clearance of all outstanding amounts payable by the customer.

  6. Although time is not the essence to this contract, the work will be commenced as soon as possible but the liability cannot be accepted for any delay due to circumstances beyond the company’s control.

  7. The company does not take responsibility for taking off and reinstalling any curtains, net curtains or blinds, which shall solely be the client’s responsibility. We also do not take responsibility for any electrical wires, alarm systems or entrance systems preinstalled. There is installation therefore shall solely be the client’s responsibility. We advise the customer to consult with the competent personnel concerned for these appliances to be removed before an installation. Any alterations to pelmets or blinds found necessary to the house double glazing is the customer.

  8. It is solely the customers responsibility to clear the area surrounding the installation. The company does not take responsibility for damage to any objects or items moved by our installers with the owner’s consent.

  9. Any plaster, patch or rendering work will be unpainted and redecoration work is not

    the company’s and solely be the customers responsibility

  10. The customer will grant access to the premises to the company, its servants, and workmen at all

    reasonable times so that the company may complete the installation in accordance with this contract.

  11. All the terms of the contract between the company and the customer are contained in the contract and in these conditions and no oral or written agreement between the customer and any agent or representative of the company not mentioned in the contract shall be in any way binding upon the company.

  12. The type of individual panes of double glazing and their arrangement shall in the absence of any special arrangement detailed in the contract be determined by the company.

  13. Only glass from suppliers of the highest reputation will be used in the company double-glazing units, but no guarantee is giving that any glass so used is perfect. SAVE AS AFORSAID the company guarantees to repair or replace without charge for either labour or materials any unit which develops a fault due to defective materials or construction if written notice of the fault or defect is given within TEN YEARS of the date of installation. This does not include minor imperfections to the glass. We aim to resolve all issues within 8 weeks.

  14. This contract is binding to both parties and is not subject to cancellation. The company does however reserve the right to cancel this order if upon receipt of our surveyors working detail. We consider that customer satisfaction is not likely to be received though this installation.

  15. Payment may be made by cash, Bankers Draft or Bankers Payment. We may demand immediate payment of the total amount payable and other payable and other payment due under this agreement if you fail to pay on the date, it is due any payment due under this agreement or under any other agreement between you and us. If any payment is not made on the due date, then in addition to our rights we may also charge you

  16. Orders can be cancelled within 48 hours (cooling of period). Any orders cancelled initially, requiring fitting within 3 weeks, shall be subject to an administration charge of £200 payable by the customer. The standard waiting period for orders is 4 to 6 weeks.

  17. Expected defect powder coating

    When the window surface is viewed at an oblique angle of about 60° to the upper surface, none of the defects listed below shall be visible from a distance of 3 metres viewed from inside and 5 metres from outside: excessive roughness, runs, blisters, inclusions, craters, dull spots, pinholes, pits, scratches or any other unacceptable flaws.

  18. Glass:


    Toughened, laminated or coated glass should be viewed from 2.0 metres. Glass with acceptable minor imperfections

    Glass which falls within these quality standards is not considered to be faulty goods.

    • Not visible when viewed from the inside of the room 2 metres away, in natural daylight and looking directly through the glass

    • Not visible when viewed from 3 metres away for toughened or laminated glass

    • Imperfections in the 50mm wide band around the edge of the glass – this area is not considered part of the normal viewing area

  19. Payment:

    If the Customer fails to make any payment due to DLG under the Order by the due date for payment (due date), then without prejudice to any other rights or remedies of DLG the Customer shall pay interest on the overdue amount at the rate of 3% per annum above Metro bank’s base lending rate from time to time. Such interest shall accrue on a daily basis from the due date until the date of actual payment of the overdue amount , whether before or after judgement . The Customer shall pay the interest together with the overdue amount.

  20. Daylight glazing reserves the right to very these terms and conditions from time to time without notifying you, by continuing to use and access the site you agree to any variation made by DLG.

  21. The company shall not be liable to pay for any work carried out by any other person firm or company engaged by the customer whether by way of rectification completion to or in respect of the contract works to be performed by the company unless such an engagement shall have been agreed by a director of the company in writing.

  22. During replacement work there is a risk of damage to cables run, cables to be removed and replaced by your supplier’s.

  23. Delay/Storage
    If the Customer requests an alternative fitting date to the one confirmed, an alternative date will be offered and will be subject to the next available journey to the Customers area, this will normally be the following week, but is subject to logistics and planning at the time. We are unable to accept a specific date or time requests. Postponements will be subject to storage charge and/or a delivery fee. £85 per week, storage charge has to be paid before delivery. Charges are subject to management descries considering the size and quantity.