Win a £50 Amazon voucher with the click of a camera

Join in and become one of our Snap Shot Winners

We pride ourselves on the hard work and intensive research that goes into the design and manufacture of our world class rooflights, however when they leave us we rarely get to see how fabulous they look in your homes!


If you would like the chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher, all you have to do is send us in a picture of your Doors and windows installed in your house (external or internal shots) and if we choose to use your image on our website or social media you will be one of our ‘snap shot’ winners.


Snap, email, done!

How to enter

  1. Put on your David Bailey hat and get creative
  2. Take a picture of your installed Doors and Windows by Daylight glazing (externally or internally)
  3. Email your piece of art to  
  4. If we use your image we will email a £50 Digital Amazon voucher straight to you
Win Amazon Voucher | Daylight Glazing

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