Timber Windows

We’ll talk about the special things about wooden frames that make them a popular way to protect historic buildings. Because they are made of eco-friendly materials and can be finished in any way you want, wooden window frames are both traditional and useful.

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Advantages of Timber or Wooden Windows

Adding modern wood windows to your home is a great way to keep its charm. Our line of windows is carefully made to combine traditional style with modern wood treatment to make a strong, safe, and energy-efficient window. Our line is made from wood that has been grown in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. You can choose between casement or sash windows, and you can paint or stain them to match the style of your home. You can also make your windows and doors look more classic by matching the wood.

Timber Window Style

Wooden Windows | Daylight Glazing

An old English window style is the vertical moving sash. Its useful, space-saving vertical opening made it great for homes that opened directly onto the street, but many people also used it to make their homes look more grand. With careful craftsmanship and an advanced wood treatment, it’s easy to use and doesn’t stick, wobble, or rattle.

Timber casement windows with hinged sashes offer a practical, stylish, and user-friendly window solution for modern homes. With their simplified design, ease of maintenance, contemporary aesthetics, durability, and manual operation, these windows provide homeowners with the perfect combination of functionality and charm.

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Exploring a Palette of Timber Window Colors

Choosing the right colour for your wood windows can have a big effect on how your home looks and feels as a whole. Let’s talk about the different colours of wood windows and how they can make your living area better.


Wooden Windows | Daylight Glazing
White Paint
Wooden Windows | Daylight Glazing
Cream Paint
Wooden Windows | Daylight Glazing
Agate Grey Paint
Wooden Windows | Daylight Glazing
Beige Grey Paint
Wooden Windows | Daylight Glazing
Chartwell Green Paint
Wooden Windows | Daylight Glazing
Light Oak
Wooden Windows | Daylight Glazing
Mellow Teak
Wooden Windows | Daylight Glazing
Wooden Windows | Daylight Glazing
Dark Walnut
Wooden Windows | Daylight Glazing

*Colors are available according to the stock. More Available on Request

Wooden Windows | Daylight Glazing

Why Choose Daylight Glazing For Timber Windows?

Sustainability and Durability

Timber windows are widely recognised for their robustness and extended lifespan. Incorporating daylight glazing further enhances their resistance to environmental factors. Contemporary developments in window technology have produced daylight glazing that is exceptionally impervious to moisture, ultraviolet radiation, and temperature fluctuations; as a result, the aesthetic appeal and operational durability of your windows are ensured to endure for many years.

Maximising energy efficiency

Daylight glazing in timber windows is chosen by homeowners for its exceptional energy efficiency. Through the utilisation of natural light, daylight glazing effectively decreases reliance on artificial lighting during daylight hours, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower utility expenses. In addition, cutting-edge daylight glazing technologies often include thermal insulation properties, which assist in maintaining indoor temperatures and lowering heating and cooling expenses all year round.

Wooden Windows | Daylight Glazing

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Addressing Common Questions About Timber Windows

Are you thinking about timber windows for your home but have some questions about their features and benefits? Allow me to address some frequently asked questions to assist you in making a well-informed decision.

Timber windows have numerous benefits, such as their beautiful appearance, long-lasting nature, energy efficiency, and eco-friendliness. Just like a specialist, timber possesses a timeless charm that effortlessly infuses warmth and character into any home. Not only does it offer exceptional insulation, but it also boasts long-term durability.

Timber windows do need regular maintenance to ensure they stay in top-notch condition. This includes routine cleaning and occasional repainting or resealing. With advancements in timber treatments and finishes, the maintenance requirements for timber windows have been greatly reduced. This makes them a practical and low-maintenance choice for homeowners.

Yes, timber windows are an excellent choice for homeowners who prioritise sustainability. Timber is a renewable resource that can be responsibly sourced from managed forests, making it a more environmentally friendly option compared to non-renewable materials like PVC or aluminium.

Yes, timber windows can indeed be highly energy efficient when they are installed and sealed correctly. Timber is an excellent natural insulator that effectively maintains a comfortable temperature in your home throughout the year. This can result in significant energy savings and reduced expenses for heating and cooling.

Timber windows have an impressive lifespan when given the attention they deserve. With regular maintenance and care, they can endure for many decades, if not longer. With proper maintenance and treatment, timber windows can endure harsh weather conditions and retain their structural integrity and visual appeal for years to come. This makes them a valuable and durable addition to your home, ensuring long-term comfort and increasing its value.